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A place for discussion related to the website itself. Discussion about everything from moderation to future boards goes here.
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File: 1652553068703.jpg (37.35 KB, 481x326, anya-heh.jpg)


I guess instead of Yotsuba, the mascot is Lain this time. I'd axe it, personally. Next time don't advertise on 4chan and make the website invite only. Also make your mascot a little more upbeat, like picrel.
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this is the best solution
most users on 4chan hate it there anyways
also, lainchan.org exists already but it has a different feel to it


I know, one is cyberpunk the other is a regular chan


seems like lain was axed


yeah, there was a pretty big redesign on the front page and on the site at a technical level, but lain is still technically the site’s girl


Lainchan kind of already uses Lain as a mascot lol

File: 1654273045698.png (789.09 KB, 1024x576, C14BC5A8-D836-440D-83DE-3F….png)


4chan newfag check-in
>how old are you (we won’t ban you pinky promise)
>any interests, hobbies?
>how long have you been on 4chan?
>anything’s else you wanna say
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Technically not


File: 1655530708452.jpg (87.67 KB, 640x480, 1652259131276.jpg)

>My GF, my work, warplane video games, marching, discover new games, hear interesting videos, cooking
>6 years, I enter by Touhou
>I miss the first time of 4chan, for bad


File: 1655535035210.gif (502.86 KB, 498x403, meiling-thumbs-up.gif)

Based touhouanon


>Younger then 18
>Music, gutiar and browsing imageboards and being a retard.
>Like 3 years
>Maybe wasn't the best idea to use 4chan but idk


>only started browsing 4chan at 15
damn bro don't insult yourself; you're barely even autistic

File: 1655224154075.png (678.26 KB, 893x591, unknown.png)


Get more jannies/mods, this is a cool site and i don't want it to become a unmod hell of CP (CP has been posted on /b/ and is still up). Add a report system which I know vichan has. This site is one of the best in a while please get more mods and add a report system.


I am not responsible for this, but I do hope mods of this website don't become corrupt.


I can do this myself. I don’t trust people on the internet to be just, and after all this is just a little hobby project, not some scheme to gain power and influence


Also there is a report system built in at the bottom right of the page


Ok idk if this was there from when I made this post and sorry about making a problem about this I get where you come from. I had a imageboard before which got fucked over by mods. Glad we could talk yk about this

File: 1654979944321.png (139.09 KB, 776x584, wappy.png)


ran across this site earlier, like the look and feel. i run https://wapchan.org , a board with a similar sort of goal to yours (though more focused around retro content). good luck on your site!
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File: 1655006889824.jpg (66.98 KB, 901x1101, rare.jpg)

it means wapanese, anon


I literally have not heard that word once in the past 7 years. yet the word "weeaboo" is thrown around by people, and I mean everyday people not 4chan folks, who have no idea where it came from or why.

my life is running out.


Sorry to hear that man


File: 1655411693647.gif (260.23 KB, 220x123, C56C6F06-049F-453D-A969-6D….gif)

lurk more


Awesome site btw. I’ve still got a lot to learn

File: 1654826271376.jpg (34.46 KB, 308x450, gracefulcharityGOATformat.jpg)


Anyway to donate to the site in the future to keep the hardware relevant and able to handle future traffic would love to donate 20-50 in the future when I get my coming up raise. I know times are hard on everyone but if we can help make the site better why not you know.

>Only bring this up because I dont see any ads and dont want this to become a cesspool of ads and shit


No worries; the server can easily upgrade to a better raspberry pi or to a 6th gen i7 sff pc I have lying around. My only reoccurring cost is the domain and advertising


Awesome I just want to help where I can glad to know this place wont become an ad ridden hellscape


Well, 4chan just changed its ad system (I need to do it through email now), so if you know any way to advertise it now, please tell me.

Other than that, expect no ads here; even the teeny raspberry pi I’m using is overkill for ~30,000 requests a day

File: 1654653748761.png (219.06 KB, 541x397, reisees(you).png)


New board mascot


File: 1654660484458.png (630.93 KB, 2160x1620, F4018E04-D398-4E44-8FA9-FA….png)

Yep, changed the front page a little cuz the old one was kinda lame.

Also got us desktop ads on 4chan


File: 1654733670341.jpg (136.75 KB, 849x1200, 237631645 a.jpg)

Please do not use bootleg. It's the original or nothing.

File: 1654319273023.jpg (1.55 MB, 4000x2250, 2c02bc2338ec8f5289fc33e8cf….jpg)


please make a dark mode theme, think about my eyes
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File: 1654325633793.jpeg (157.47 KB, 698x1046, A3F52DB5-A365-4C3E-ADD8-5….jpeg)

Basically make it a completely copy of 4chan
And then make good fun active users into mods

But keep a mod criticism board.
So people can speak out against mods
Be quick to make people mods and quick to remove mod privileges.


This is 1:1 what most of the oldfags from the old thread proposed. The meta board can act like a mod criticism board, and a lot of boards are going to get added as the site grows. I’ve made a poll also on this board to pick what gets added next

As for the mods thing, I’m reluctant to trust anyone but myself. I’ve seen what Reddit looks like, and I sure as hell don’t want to replicate it. This is a hobby project that was made to fill a niche, and everyone on the internet ends up on a power trip when given the slightest amount of power. Moderating is a necessity, not some kind of privilege, which is why il try to remove all posts that go against the rules myself


it's hilarious to think you spent actual money on this


Eh not like there are that many better ways to burn 20 bucks


you're actually quite respectable and I'm sorry for acting shitty

File: 1654276878843.jpeg (12.06 KB, 275x183, AC045F33-05D8-435F-A23F-8….jpeg)


Saw the advertisement for this site on 4chan, it’s one of the only ads that actually caught my attention
Very nice site, I’ll be visiting regularly from now on
I had a question though: are you going to allow users to post from VPNs, through Tor, etc.? Or will you make it like normal 4chan where they are all rangebanned?
Sorry if this question has been asked before, I didn’t see it


Of course. The idea is to not actually ban anyone permanently, but if someone uses a VPN I might accidentally end up temp banning the vpn.
However I’m hoping i won’t have to use the ban feature and will instead try to just remove the offending posts.


Nice, good to know
also I see a lot of other anons asking for different hobby boards to be added and maybe when you get enough users to populate their own hobby boards on the site, you can have a poll of some kind so that they can vote on which hobby board gets added first


File: 1654280844676.jpeg (328.63 KB, 1684x1217, EE3D1817-2BC4-40AD-B4AD-4….jpeg)


I set up a pole so you guys can pick what board is getting added next due to popular demand


File: 1654279314589.gif (280.32 KB, 554x732, ADEC20CF-B36F-4E8C-94C9-BA….gif)


Could we have a traditional games board, please?


We need more users before we can start diluting the userbase. Apologies

But the idea is that we will add almost all of 4chan’s boards at some point.

File: 1652531948421.jpg (79.26 KB, 715x859, 20220514_170346.jpg)


So what's the thing stopping people here from posting the same things they post on 4chan? Will it be manual or will it be an auto moderator or something similar?
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decided to do pushups. i managed to do one pushup in which you clap in the air and i did it. the only problem was that i injured my beard a bit.


The idea is to bring back all of 4chan’s boards once we have enough users, so /tg/ is coming


having a few pseudo empty boards that have very identifiable and separate niches would be a good way to get people to migrate over tbh desu
tg is filled with shitters as is so theyd be good to migrate


case and point, I've already seen 3 frogs since coming here and its only been 10 minutes


No, I agree with that decision. If there is one thing we do NOT need any more of, its places to post coom material. I imagine that keeping the entire site coom-free will also be easier than having separate yellow and blue boards

File: 1652645509334.png (311.78 KB, 536x484, Peter_Parker_(Earth-14042)….png)


Add /Co/, please.




We need more users before we can start adding 4chans boards. Be patient and hope for the best


adding these boards will only gain u more uesrs


it will dilute the userbase tho.



File: 1652749636679.jpg (142.75 KB, 461x325, Screenshot_20220504-155312….jpg)


Add a way to browse the boards when you're inside a board?


ye, a board list at the bottom of webpages would be nice

File: 1652733966822.jpg (56.82 KB, 617x768, 1485445532317.jpg)


Change the font to times new roman (12pt) for the true "classic" 4chan aesthetic.
Fix the typo in /M/'s subtitle.
Also increase the upload size limit to support gifs.
Oh, also, add HTTPS.


I’m working on it, but the rpi has a pretty whacky apache2 install.

I guess you should use this website at home for now


Image upload size is large enough for most gifs afaik, but sure

File: 1652638924257.jpg (7.07 KB, 280x269, 4dcdc400fdf95805e59068dfb6….jpg)


I've been think about a board idea lately, where you can start a thread, but it gets locked after 5min of no replies, that will probably keep users more active. Can you make that?


Huh, il see what the background php can do


this is a good idea, but 5 minutes is 2 extreme

File: 1652560584548.jpeg (23.82 KB, 548x531, 15f09384-6c54-4e74-bafc-d….jpeg)


How are planing to get more users?


File: 1652563948432.jpg (29.78 KB, 769x592, sbpb.jpg)

I have no idea and I have a bad feeling it's gonna make everyone who is more annoying than us ruin this site.


File: 1652565338241.jpg (23.19 KB, 563x317, g (19).jpg)

better start thinking, i love this site, i dont want this to end.


File: 1652566570235.jpg (22.32 KB, 564x564, g (16).jpg)

and you should come up with something new, different than any other chan-based sites.


We have the users from the original thread and will have weekly bi weekly advertising threads

File: 1652552585493.jpeg (64.45 KB, 750x773, C2828A38-E0B2-4F88-B1F5-0….jpeg)


I hate it here


Why tho?


File: 1652554055375.jpeg (19.12 KB, 275x183, 81EF57C6-7EE2-4C10-8B7D-A….jpeg)

What’s wrong Anon?

Here, have some hot chocolate, you can tell us

File: 1652529098817.jpeg (10.24 KB, 287x418, images (4).jpeg)


What all is allowed on this site? Can I post gore and other repulsive things here like I can on 4chan provided that it isnt political?


I could maybe make an nsfw board for anything nsfw (that isnt't porn; coomers ruined 4chan), but you aren't supposed to post anything shocking: posting anything that hurts other users is frowned upon.

Classichan's /b/ is a lot closer to 4chan's /r9k/.


Also, i might make an nsfw version of /b/ for otherwise normal threads that discuss fucked up shit


I want the fucked up shit NOW!

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