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Man, POSTAL 4 was a disappointment.

RWS released this game fully too early and many problems are still in it.
The humor isn't funny and relies on sex jokes and there is barely any edge.
POSTAL 1 had edge that had meaning because of many problems occuring back then like going postal, suffering from schizophrenia and school shootings before they were cool. It made fun of "video games cause violence".
POSTAL 2 had less meaningful, but still cool edge because 9/11 made others too worrying about their kids.
Even POSTAL 3, the black sheep of the family, had edgy humor and some things from real life, even if execution was poor.
POSTAL 4 barely has any of this. I know they added pandemic thing later, but it felt forced and forgotten.
Edensin is too big and feels like some place in Balkan, but ten times worse.

Only thing I can hope for this game are fixed issues, co-op and new chapter that might bring back that edge.


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Absolutely. Postal 1 was a masterpiece, 2 was a quality shitpost, and that when everything went downhill.


Although 3’s humor seemed more like an imitation of 2


but it did have some edge, but it wasn't that meaningful nor funny compared to POSTAL 3.


don't forget that it runs really, really bad too

t. played it on a pc with an i7 and a rtx 3070 and it still chugged even on lower settings


postal 2 is so fucking good



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