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Remember Fortnite Save the World? I remember and I cannot believe Epic Games ditched it (not really, but still) for Battle Royale mode.

Also, I remember there were songs for Save the World other than lobby one. One song was like lobby one, but used for atmosphere. Even lobby/menu one used to have a remix that sounded fast.


Fighting each other is more popular than working together.


I actually really hate that Fortnite did the battle royale thing. in the previews they showed us before the game came out, it was shown as a fun co-op zombie survival game where you can build defenses against the horde. I was excited for it at the time.

Now it's like, nobody even knows that was a thing. is it even still a thing?

thank you for actually remembering, I almost feel like I'm taking crazy pills and that was never real.


People know it as a lucrative V-Bucks exchange.

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